The creation phase of a media publication, whether in audio, visual, text or any other type of format, begins with a need to create. The recognition of this need is thought to be the beginning of the creative process.

In instances of author generated content the individual responsible for creating the content in its entirety, also has identified the need to create that content. In such circumstances the author approaches another member of the content management team (usually the editor or publisher) with the idea for the content. If the idea is well received then the author is given permission to undertake the creation of the content.

Another member of the content management team may also be responsible for identifying the need to create. An editor or publisher may identify the need for a certain type of media material. In this circumstance either the editor or publisher may contact the author to request the creation of the material necessary to meet the need.

Other possible sources of content generation may be generated from individuals outside of the previously mentioned roles. For example a translator may recognize an existing gap in current documents, and bring this need to the editor or the publishers attention. Likewise, an individual who has no association with the content management team may identify and express a need to author, editor or publisher.