SEO checklist 2020 just for you to get an unfair advantage in the upcoming year. I am using the
same checklist all the search engine traffic generated on this site using competitive keywords from Keyword Research Tools such as long tail pro and SEO software such as Magic submitter for backlinks and content submission. So, Let’s go through my entire SEO checklist, step-by-step. Like everyone else, when you begin to use SEO, it is quite normal to feel lost.  And believe me, this is despite all the readings you have done. It is like learning how to drive. Even though you just pass your permit exam, that does not mean you are just going to start driving like a pro, right? It will be frustrating for sure. However, once you get experienced and remain disciplined in your SEO campaigns, you will realize that traffic will start flowing to your websites, and you may even be blessed with hundreds of thousands of visits per month if you keep at it. Most of the traffic will come from Google and major social media websites.

First of all, it is really no secret and no magic. I am certain that you will succeed if you can repeat this step-by-step SEO process over and over. Here are the steps:

Step #1 of my complete SEO Checklist:

Although the platform is not a big problem, if you are using WordPress as many webmasters do, it will be easier to install some SEO tools and plugins. So, you need to install and set up some essential SEO tools and Plugins. Your goal is to have at least three important SEO tools. The first tool you need is the Google Search Console. Access to the Google Search console tool is provided by Google, and this tool makes it extremely easy to track your website’s performance on Google. It can also help you find technical SEO issues that are preventing your site from getting a lot of traffic. Importantly, the Search Console displays the set of keywords that you rank for and where you rank for those keywords. Unlike third-party tools, the data come straight from Google. So you do not need to go any further to figure out what is happening to your site SEO.

Step #2 of the SEO checklist: Set up Google analytics

You will need to set up Google Analytics because it is the best way to see how people find
and use your website, although that’s just one of the many essential things it will allow you to do. With Google Analytics, you can identify the pages on your website that are responsible for most of your search engine and social media traffic. It will show you where the traffic is coming from. Thus, it will identify exactly which websites are sending you the traffic. It will show you your site’s bounce Rate, Page Views, and the Time visitors spend on your site and many more cool things.

Step # 3, Install Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress site

Finally, if your site runs on WordPress, it is a must to install an SEO plugin that automatically creates your sitemap and walks you through each web page optimization. I recommend the Yoast SEO Plugin because the free version is good enough. Yoast SEO is by far the most popular
SEO plugin for WordPress, and for the right reasons. Once you install Yoast, it will be extremely easy
to make your WordPress site SEO friendly. The plugin will literally tell you how well your web page is optimized and what you need to do for complete optimization. In the next article, we will continue with the SEO checklist, starting with keyword research and optimization.

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