2019 SEO Checklist part 2: Refer to part 1 by clicking here. Finally, you want to double down on content formats that are working best right now. I recently teamed up with BuzzSumo to analyze almost one billion blog posts, so what did we find? Well, there was some good news and some bad news. Let’s get the bad news outta the way. The bad news is that most content is completely ignored. In fact, we found that 94% of all published content gets zero external links. That’s right, zero. Now, for the good news. There are certain content formats that attract more backlinks than others. We found that why-posts, what-posts, and infographics get significantly more backlinks than other content formats. For example, this why the post has been linked to over 50,000 times. Obviously, you can’t just publish a why-post or an infographic and expect the links to roll in, but our data shows that sticking to these three content formats can increase the odds that people link to your stuff. Speaking of links, it’s time for the last step in this checklist, Build Links to Your Website. So, are backlinks still important for SEO? Heck yeah, in fact, a recent study by Stone Temple Consulting found that backlinks are still one of Google’s most important ranking factors.

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The bottom line, if you’re serious about ranking in Google, you need backlinks, and lemme walk you through a handful of link-building strategies that are working great right now. First up, build backlinks using link roundups. Link roundups are one of my all-time favorite ways to get backlinks, why? Because the entire point of a roundup is to link to amazing content. So if you publish something amazing on your site, there’s a good chance that you could get a link from a roundup. For example, here’s a roundup in the marketing space. They link to the best content about SEO and content marketing that came out over the last week or so. Lucky for me, I had recently published a giant guide to SEO, and because my post was a good fit for their roundup, they happily linked to me. Next, build links using strategic guest posting. So, why do I say strategic guest posting and not just, guest posting? It’s not to sound smart. That’s because guest posting can work, but you need to be strategic about it, and if you do guest posting the wrong way, your site can get slapped with a Google penalty. So, how do you do guest posting the right way? The right way is to publish your guest post on a respected site in your niche. The wrong way is to publish guest posts on any website that has a Write For Us page, even if the site has nothing to do with yours. A good rule of thumb that I follow is to only guest post on sites that are gonna send me targeted traffic and related to my site. For example, here’s a guest post that I published on the Buffer blog.

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Buffer’s blog focuses more on social media, and my site is about SEO, but those two topics are related enough. If I publish the same post on a site about cute cats, that would look shady to Google. Anyway, I got a solid backlink for my post, and it brought in a decent chunk of targeted traffic to my site. The next strategy I wanna show you is to go on podcasts as a guest. This is one of the most underrated link-building techniques on the planet. Just like with a guest post, you get a nice, contextual link from your podcast appearance, but unlike a guest post, there is much less legwork. You don’t need to pitch
topics, or work with an editor. Just schedule your interview, and show up and provide value, that’s it. Because this strategy is so easy, I’ve actually appeared on over 70 podcast episodes over the last few years. Last up, we have the age-old strategy of mentioning influencers in your content. This process couldn’t be any simpler. First, mention influential bloggers in your post. Then, let ’em know about it. Seriously, that’s it. For example, a while back, I published this giant list of SEO tools. Now, I could’ve published this post and hoped and prayed that people actually see it, so I decided to be proactive. So I reached out to each person to let them know that I mentioned them, and as you can see, most of the
people that I reached out to were happy to share my post. Now, before we close out this video, it’s time for a quick bonus step, Tap Into Advanced SEO Techniques and Strategies. At this point, you’ve got the basics down, so lemme walk you through a handful of advanced SEO tips and strategies that are working really well right now. My first advanced SEO tip is to delete what I call zombie pages. Zombie pages are pages on your site that don’t bring in any traffic, and as it turns out, Google hates sites with lots of zombie pages. In fact, a Google employee recently stated that they prefer to rank sites that have a small number of high quality pages over those that are bloated, with lots of pages that don’t provide any value. That’s why I make sure that every page on my site is awesome. In fact, Backlinko generates over 300,000 visitors per month, and to date, I’ve only published around 70 total blog posts. How is this possible? It’s because, when it comes to content, I focus 100% on quality, not quantity. To be clear, you don’t wanna start deleting pages like a crazy person. This is a process you wanna do slow and carefully, so use Google Analytics to find a handful of pages that don’t generate any traffic, then delete them, or redirect them to another related page. Wait a week or two to see how it goes. Then, over the next few months, slowly delete more and more zombie pages.

For example, the team at Proven.com noticed that they had almost 50,000 pages indexed, way more than they thought. As it turned out, a lot of these extra pages were zombie pages that didn’t provide any value, so they deleted them, and thanks to this and a few other SEO improvements they made, Proven’s organic traffic significantly increased. Our next advanced tip is to boost your organic click-through rate. As you might’ve heard, Google pays very close attention to how many people click on your site in the search results. If people skip over your site and click on the other results, your rankings can drop like a stone, but if lots of people click on your result, Google considers your page a great result for that keyword and you’ll get a rankings boost. In fact, a Google document states that “when you click on a  link in Google Search, “Google considers your click “when ranking that search result.” So, how do you improve your organic click-through rate? Scan the first page search results for your target keyword, and imagine what someone searching for that keyword would want to click on. Then, optimize your title tag and description to match what a searcher wants to see. For example, if you search for video SEO, you’ll notice that most of the results are guides and tutorials. In other words, people that search for this keyword don’t want a handful of tips, they want a complete guide, and to show people that my result was a thorough guide, I made sure to include the word guide in my title and description. The last advanced SEO tip I have for you is to keep your content up-to-date. Back in the day, I’d publish a new post and never think about it again, and as time went on, my content got really outdated. I had old screenshots, outdated strategies, and overall, content that just looked kinda dated, so early last year, I
started a huge project. Go back and update every single post on my site. Like I said earlier, I only have about 70 posts, but that’s still a lot of content to go through and update. Fortunately, I didn’t
need to update all 70, I only had to update about 20 posts, so how did it go? Well, after I’d update a post, I’d notice a huge spike in search engine traffic, and even though the traffic eventually dipped, it was still much higher than before the update. For example, a few months ago, I updated this post. Even though I updated that post months ago, that page still gets 30% more organic traffic than before the update. And, thanks mostly to these content updates, my site’s overall organic traffic is up 24.6%, which means 249,000 more people visit my site every year than before, crazy. So that’s it for my SEO checklist. If you learned something new from today’s video, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel right now. Just click on the button below this video, and if you want exclusive SEO and traffic techniques that I only share with subscribers, head over to Backlinko.com and sign up for the newsletter, it’s free.

Now, I wanna turn it over to you. Which strategy from this video are you gonna try first? Are you gonna update your old content, or try link roundups? Let me know by leaving a comment below, right now. Okay, ready? Is he in the shot? (keyboard clicking) Here’s my hometown. Okay. I was like, who said that (laughs)? If your site isn’t mobilized, oops. Usually, it’s higher at the end. It’s kinda on here.

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