Just so you can get a better understanding of how backlinks work, I’m going to go ahead and create one. At this point in time, it is very easy to get a PageRank 7 Do-Follow backlink from the Adobe website. However, I believe in the future, they will change the link to a No-Follow or stop the Link-Juice from flowing to that page. This is because they will probably realize that people are creating fake accounts just to get a high PR backlink. Now, keep in mind that this video is just an example. To maximize your SEO, it is important that you create backlinks from websites that are relevant to yours. For example, if you have a website about cooking, it is important that you obtain backlinks from other cooking websites. Why? Because Google is getting smarter every single day, and they know that it doesn’t make sense for a website about games to be linking to a website about cooking.

A few links are fine. But if you have thousands of these random backlinks, Google will detect that. They have been created in an unnatural way, and Google may investigate into it. On the screen right now you can see the account I have created to get a Do-Follow backlink with the PageRank of 7. And here is the actual backlink. I am now going to show you how I did this step-by-step. I went to the Adobe Education Exchange website and clicked on Join Now to create an account. To fill in the form I used the form to fill add-on. As we previously mentioned, the add-on does not store passwords; so I simply click here and then use AutoHotKey to quickly fill in this form. Also noted here is the email I am using is peterbl@peterstavrou.com This is a new email I created just to create backlinks. I always recommend that you create a new email for backlinks because as you sign up two different accounts you will begin to get a huge amount of emails that you are not interested in. I now tick the box to say I have agreed to their terms and click on the SIGN UP button.

I am now told that I need to verify my email. I’m quickly going to pause the video, login to my email and grab the link I need to verify. Once I visit the link, I get a message saying my email has been verified. I am now going click on Continue. I’m now prompted with a message requesting me to complete my profile. When you create an account to obtain a backlink, most of the time the backlink will be created within your profile. This is the area where you fill in information about your profile. I recommend that you take a few minutes and fill in as much information as you can and even add a picture just to make your profile looked a bit more real.

A lot of websites have administrators who monitor their sites and if they see accounts that look fake they will delete them. So to avoid this from happening I spend an extra few minutes just to make it look real so the backlinks I create stick for a very long time. I’m now going to upload a photo and click on the Bio box. To fill this in quickly I’m going to use AutoHotKey. I am now going to pause the video and fill in some information and then scroll to the bottom.

This field here is where you create your backlink. I’m going to go ahead and enter my URL address and then click on Update Settings. If you ever get a message like this is because you need to add the http:// to your URL address. Here is my profile. Here is the backlink I just created. If I hover my mouse over it, you can see down here that it links to my website. If I turn on the No-Do Follow add-on, you can see that it turns purple which means it is a Do-Follow backlink.

If I click on the icon here, it takes me to my website. And lastly, if I turn on the PageRank add-on you can see that this page has a PageRank of 7, keep in mind that there are other ways to obtain backlinks other than creating accounts, posting on forums and commenting on blogs and I will be teaching some of these in a more Advanced SEO Training series but just try to think outside the box and come up with different ways to obtain quality links to your website. .

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